What is Stringer?

Stringer is an RSS (RDF Site Summary) newsfeed reader. That is, Stringer is a tool that gives you the ability to view syndicated news feeds. It is loosely modelled after conventional Usenet news readers. Using Stringer, you can browse an renewable list of syndicated newsfeeds and choose the feeds to which you would like to subscribe. Once subscribed you can update the newsfeed whenever you wish and view its contents using your own web browser.

The Stringer project is currently undergoing beta testing.

The Mission

Etymology (What's in a name)

Stringing has been traditional means for a young person to break into the newspaper industry. The term Stringer refers to a freelance reporter or local correspondent who gets paid by the story. It recalls an era when newspaper companies paid part-time reporters by the column inch for the text that they produced. At pay time, the length of the column that the part-time reporter produced was measured by a piece of string. The reporter would turn in the string and be paid based on the length of the string!


Stringer (RDF Site Summary Newsreader)
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